martedì 1 dicembre 2009

The Alphabet
A-Apple--i like apples
B-Bycicle--i usually ride bycicle
C-Children--i love children
D-Dogs--my dog's name's Black
E-English--i like english language
F-Friendship--love and friendship are beautiful feling
G-Greyhound--the my dog is greyhound
H-Hotel--the hotel cube is fantastique
I-Issue--i ave a issue
L-Lion--the lion is my favourithe animals
M-Made--the my bag made in Italy
N-Nice--my nephew is nice
O-Overweight--the my friend is overweingt
P-Pilot--my favourite pilot is Valentino Rossi
Q-Quiet--i love quiet
R-Ruler--the my ruler is long 50 cm
S-Schoolfriend--the my schoolfriend is pierluigi
T-Touros--the tauros is dangerous
U-Underneath--underneath the table is a book
V-Volley--i like play volleyball
Z-Zac--the name the my friend is Zac
K-Keiboard--i sound the keiboard
J-Joke--i'm a joker
W-Website--i have a website
X-Xmen--i like the film "x men"

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